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RackNets™ -
In-Flue Safety Netting System
Easy to install
Contains a pallet
Enables fork lift working one
side with picking the other
The Gripple
wire fixing solution enables easy
re-tensioning of the wire when necessary
In-flue netting prevents items falling  
through double entry racking
For use in areas where ground pickers &  
truck operators work in close proximity
RackNets™ - Safety Netting Solutions
Working closely with our trade partners, we have identified two
distinct hazards when working with APR;fall-through & fall-out.
Fall-through occurs when a pallet is incorrectly loaded onto APR
without any deck or other means of pallet support. This could be
due to operator error, or by using an inappropriately sized
pallet. In this case the pallet falls into the bay between the
beams, & usually results in the pallet & load coming to rest on
the materials stored on lower levels, or goods scattering
& falling outside the confines of the racking.
Fall-out occurs when a pallet falls from the rear of a
single-sided APR run, often into a pedestrian or pick
aisle. This is often due to operator error, e.g. when a
second pallet is loaded into a full location.
We offer three systems, each designed to fulfil slightly
different end-user requirements, but sharing the same
fundamental design concept & installation method.
RackNets™ 2.3 Spillage Netting
RackNets™ 2.3 Spillage Net has been developed to offer warehouse
users an effective alternative to traditional steel mesh solutions.
RackNets™ 3.0 Containment Netting
RackNets™ 3.0 has been developed by us to offer warehouse users
an enhanced level of protection for the majority of racking
applications where there is a risk of damage or injury caused by
pallets falling from racking systems.
RackNets™  5.0 Restraint Netting
Offering the same design features as RackNets 3.0, this system will
both contain & restrain a dislodged pallet or load of up to 1000kg,
drastically reducing the likelihood of injury or damage to property.
RackNets™ In-Flue Netting
We have identified that in many warehouses there is a significant
risk of loaded pallets being pushed through from one aisle into an
adjacent aisle. RackNets™ In-Flue nets can be specified as 2.3,
3.0 & 5.0 systems, depending on the application & level of risk
identified in the warehouse Risk Assessment.
Highly visible
Protects pickers
The price below is a guide. Specific
prices for projects are available on request
(per m