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Installation service available (subject to a site survey)
Fast Action Doors & Shelters
Industrial Doors
The main benefits of industrial doors are their ability
to protect specific areas from dust, fire, temperature
variation and uncomfortable draughts. They also act as
traffic controllers and speed up processes by allowing
traffic to move quickly between tasks. Industrial doors
and buildings are key to good organisation for material
handling, site safety & well engineered industrial doors
offer a low cost of ownership.
All our industrial doors are selected for their
outstanding value, service & reliability. They are the
perfect solution for all access requirements of industrial
warehouses, commercial premises and factory
These industrial doors give you rapid and easy
access. The panels used to make up the sectional
doors are of high quality and the thickness used
guarantees a high level of insulation. We produce
different kinds of sectional doors in order to fit them
to your exact dimensions. We also offer a range of
optional accessories.
Dock Shelters
Our dock shelters are manufactured in two different
versions to fit your needs and the space you have
available. All dock shelters limit the thermal
exchange between the inside & the outside
of the warehouse.
Raised dock shelters contribute both to energy
conservation and improvement in working
conditions. They also prevent the lorries causing
damage to the building itself. Ground dock shelters
offer the flexibility of retracting the dock shelter
where there is limited manoeuvring space to allow
the transit of vehicles.
All Industial buildings & doors are manufactured
to BS EN:1993 standards. Fastest completion times
of buildings of this type, with the lowest cost of
ownership of any building in its class. We only use
corrosion resistant materials.