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Installation service available (subject to a site survey)
Creating space fast for you with no need for expensive
foundations. So whether you need it temporarily for
extra storage during your busy periods or you need it
as a permanent warehouse due to rapid growth we can
design & deliver to your specific requirements. We are so
proud of the quality we guarantee steel work for 10 years.
Ideal for offices, commercial, storage,
events, manufacturing & so much more.
For the first time, we now offer these tents
on a lease agreement as well as purchasing
them outright, giving you a fast build, cheap &
easy solution. Utilise your space to high quality,
usable, undercover work & storage spaces!
New Site? Take it with you! We have relocated
industrial buildings many times - rapid to
dismantle & rebuild. The applications of these
buildings are limitless with the ability to control
climate, meaning optimal storage is guaranteed.
Budget Prices to Buy
Overall Size
L x W x H (M)
6 x 5 x 3.2
12 x 5 x 4.5
12 x 10 x 4.5
18 x 12 x 6
Budget Prices to Rent
Price Examples
3 Months - 300m²
£25.00 per m²
6 Months - 500m²
£12.00 per m²
6 Months - 1000m²    
£11.00 per m²
Industrial Buildings for Relocating & Site Development