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Line Marking
How long will it last?
Will it smell?
What paint do you use?
Will it affect food?
How much will it cost?
Will I be able to move it later?
How long will it take to cure?
When it comes to choosing
the right internal line marking
solution it can be daunting with
the information you get. Many
questions that are asked:
To a customer, it is just painting
a line, almost like it is done on
the road. Where internal line
marking is concerned you need
to consider first what type of
preparation is going to be
suitable for your operation &
budget as well as what the
condition of the floor is like.
There is no right or wrong
way but unless you have all
the information you cannot
make an informed decision.
We will provide you with all
the options available so you
can make the correct choice.